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Short Film Scripts

Feature Screenplay Loglines 
Dear Baby... - Romantic Comedy (script available)
Ron and Anna, a successful couple lost in their work, are on the brink of divorce when a long-lost journal written years earlier to their now teen daughter Olivia is discovered by a young doorman who after reading about the couple’s modern fairytale romance makes it his mission to reunite the couple and remind them that love and family matter most.
Revenge of the Road Kill – Suspense/Horror (script available)
A hit and run victim seeks revenge by bringing road kill back to life to murder the    
undesirables of a small East Texas town.

Looking For Charlie – Family Drama (script available)
 A modern 'Wizard of Oz' story about a boy's coming of age.  Ten-year old East Coast transplant, Nathaniel Parks, wanders the streets of Dallas looking for his lost dog, Charlie, and assembles a group of misfits along the way to aid in his search.  When he finally finds Charlie the dog is helping a handicapped man and Nathaniel realizes the man needs Charlie more than he. 

Riding With Sara – Drama (script available) 
Two women from opposite sides of the tracks become friends as they bond together to expose one of the girl’s lecherous and abusive boyfriend.
One In A Million – Romantic Comedy (script available)
An out of work bachelor writer can inherit millions but he has to be married with children so he hires actors to portray his family.

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