Saturday, November 17, 2012


Welcome to Rich Burlingham's new blog.  In the future I hope to bring you both information and commentary about movies, television, literature, broadcasting - basically all things entertainment and pop culture related.  But I'm sure depending on how the wind is blowing I will venture into other areas, such as politics, psychology, social issues and who knows what else.  I'd love to hear from you to find out your own thoughts and I encourage a dialogue on the issues that affect us all.  I will be back when my kids allow me the time to get put thoughts to page.  In the meantime, think about what your passionate about - your work, a hobby, your family, a charitable endeavor - what ever it is - and make a deal with yourself that you will take that passion and go places with it that you had never dreamed of before.  I'd love to hear what your passion or passions are so drop me a line.

See you back here soon.

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